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Homemade meals, snacks & home baking

Within the rugged and fertile lands of the Cairngorms National Park, we are lucky enough to be in the heart of Scotland’s larder, and we aim to bring some of this quality Scottish produce to the plate in our Cairngorms Restaurant. There are meals, snacks, cakes, home baking and drinks available for everyone. You can sit back, refuel and recharge in a choice of comfy booths, relaxing sofas and two to four seater tables overlooking the tree lined Garden Centre.

If the weather’s favourable or you just fancy some fresh air you can choose to dine or drink Al Fresco on our Sitooterie.

Our free flowing self service counter allows you to pick something nourishing and healthy to go or order something more substantial to be brought to your table. We are of course continuing our varied range of soups, popular throughout the year and seasoned with herbs from our own garden. Of all our Speyside Centre food, we are best known for our famous traditionally made Clootie Dumplings and continue to make these in our own kitchen to our very special family recipe. We’ve chosen the most popular ways to serve the Clootie, from plain, with cream, drizzled with heather honey or served with bacon and eggs, there’s a way that will satisfy all palates. Diabetic Clootie Dumplings are also available!

We pride ourselves in using the best of ingredients to produce our tarts, tray bakes, cakes and scones on a daily basis and use locally sourced produce in season where possible to maintain as high a standard of offerings as possible.

Our Deli

Our Deli

There’s a tasty selection of goodies in our every expanding food section within the Gift Shop.

  • Snacks & Treats including biscuits, crackers, cakes, traditional sweeties, nougat & canoli
  • Preserves and Honeys including pickles, chutneys, jams & marmalades
  • Sauces, Oils & Vinegars
  • Baking goods, flours, ‘ready to make’ bread and cake mixes, dried fruits & oatmeals
  • Herbal teas and locally roasted coffee
  • Spices, meat rubs, dried mushrooms