Garden Centre


Fully stocked home garden centre

Specialising in Scotlands famous Heaths and Heathers, the garden centre stocks a wide range of plants including hardy shrubs, trees and alpines, we are extremely lucky to have some excellent growers both on our doorstep and around the country which allows us to supply quality plants while supporting other local family run businesses.

We stock:

a lovely selection of containers, garden tools, garden ornaments, solar lighting and outdoor furniture to choose from as well as a full selection of garden sundries, gravels and composts.

We’ve recently added a varied range of indoor plants and associated goods including succulents and cacti within the main shop.

Nature Area

Within the Garden Centre we have a couple of Wildlife cabins set up to view our furry, feathered and spiky friends in action, there’s a great range of feed, snacks, feeders and toys for them aswell